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curvykitten92 - Kitty’s messy bathroom dildo shit fuck! [2017 / FullHD]

Wow! This one was great fun.
Sir instructed me to be his toilet whore for the evening and promptly had me on a collar and leash. I start by being taken to the toilet on all fours like a good little pet. I'm sent to the corner of the bathroom to play with myself and decide to shove cold wet cream in my butt hole. Before long I am blasting out massive creamy farts in your face! I start shitting uncontrollably and sir rubs my hot lumps all over my arse hole. I start fucking myself deep and hard with my beautiful clear glass dildo and cum several times whilst fresh shit drops out of my hole.
The clip finishes with him blowing a nice load all over my shitty arse.
SharaChocolat - RACIST DEGRADATION The Feast Starts Here Nigger [2017 / FullHD]

*WARNING* If you are offended by race play please look away now.
For my nigger slaves only:
I stand spreading my ass cheeks and talk about how I'm going to test out my new nigger slave. I explain that white is right and white shit actually tastes nice. I'll have you deported if you don't eat every meal I serve and lick the plate clean with your nigger tongue. I shit onto your plate while spreading my White ass cheeks. After I'm finished I give my new nigger pet a chance to get used to my shit by inhaling it first. My White Goddess shit is far superior to your jungle food. I tell my monkey slave how to feast properly while I make it into more manageable pieces with the spoon and fork. Now eat it you black fuck. Featuring heavy consumption based dialogue in a very serious tone.
SharaChocolat - 2 Lochness Monster Poos [2017 / FullHD]

Never before have I produced a poo that reminded me of the Lochness monster. In this video I have two Lochness monster poos although the first one is more realistic. They are both half in and half out of the water. The first one is built up taller (out of the water) and before you ask, no I didn't sculpt my poo with my hands just so I could make up a story about it. I really produced these straight out of my asshole! On both days I squat on the toilet facing the wall with my ass on view from the side. I get a shock when I stand up after the first one "Oh my god". I show you detailed close-ups from various angles so you can see just how tall the highest point is. Then I flush the first load away. No flush of the second load and I spend a bit less time showing close-ups as it wasn't as tall as the first.
evamarie88 - Messy Shit Smear On The Leather Couch [2017 / FullHD]

Watch me in a Catsuit with cut out front and back and latex boots first finger my arse then push out a big thick shit I show you it and then smear it all over my catsuit and then bend over and smear it all over my arse.
Then I get more of my warm shit and smear it some more and on my face then rub my swollen clit for you..
I get my leather sofa covered in my shit as I lay down and wiggle all over it while getting myself off..
I love being a dirty girl
SharaChocolat - 3 Period Poos Wearing Knee High Boots [2017 / FullHD]

I wake up with my legs, pussy and pyjama bottoms stained red, my period is here! On the first day I got the urge to poo while in the kitchen but I didn't have time to open the door so I squat and poo right next to it. On the second day I manage to get outside just in time. I squat to poo on the front door step, such the exhibitionist that I am. I wipe and show once. On the third day I'm in the garden squatting on a little bench to poo. This is my biggest load and in a shape that is very pleasing to the eye. My poo on all three days has a softer consistency so it seems to be back to normal. I show you close-ups of each load.
Brown wife - Cake of shit – Brown wife [2017 / FullHD]

If you have a birthday soon, then this cake is for you)) Look how I did it, what an excellent shit! I stick candles, and you make your own dirty wish . believe me, it will be fulfilled;) I taste two small pieces of cake, I eat them. Very tasty . this is the most delicious cake that I did)) Do you want to eat a bit too?)))
SharaChocolat - Filling Your Order 26th February [2017 / FullHD]

Today I fill an order consisting of one load of SharaChocolat and one pair of freshly stained panties. I squat to poo facing you and then after I'm finished I have a little wipe with a pair of white cotton panties. I vacuum seal two containers containing one big creamy load and then vacuum seal the panties.
GwenyT - Messing My Volleyball Shorts [2017 / HD]

I just got home from a game, I've been holding my poo in all day as well as my pee, and I love going in my shorts after a good game. I release my poop into my shorts while standing, it's mushy and warm, I then lie down and pee as well creating a hot mess. I rub myself and finger my butt, talking about if my teammates knew I did this and how my coach is so hot and how I wish I could do this all in front of him.
Princess Mia - We have a new young lady [2017 / FullHD]

Mia spent this night at the club, where she met Jessica. Mia easily found a common language with this beautiful girl. Mia told Jessica that she had a slave to be used instead of a toilet, and she pissed and shit into his mouth. Jessica confessed to Mia that she dreamt of her own slave, whom she would torment, beat and humiliate. Jessica certainly did not believe Mia that she had a slave, but Mia offered her to come home and use the hungry slave. She agreed with a smile, and friends went to the Mia's house. Jessica noticed the slave, was very surprised and at the same time was delighted and immediately asked Mia to take this toy for a day. Jessica told that she dreamt to wake up every morning and instead of morning gymnastics just to beat the man and shit in his mouth. Mia said that she needed to think. And until then she can shit into the slave's mouth. And Jessica did. Mia, of course, also delivered a whole bunch of delicious chocolate into the slave's mouth. Jessica told the slave that next time she would not only place shit into his mouth, but also brutally beat him. She would also invite girlfriends to feed him with shit. To be continued .
KV-GIRL - Sucked the shit covered dick [2017 / SD]

I shit my husband on the tail this time it is very thick and can hardly be spread on the tail. This time I wanted to go one step further and blow the tail
Vollgeschissenen Schwanz blasen
Ich scheiße meinem Mann auf den Schwanz dieses mal ist es sehr dick und lässt sich kaum auf den Schwanz verteilen. Diese Mal wollte ich mal ein Schritt weiter gehen und den Schwanz blasen
Princess Mia - NEW!After a couple of days, Jessica and Mia met again [2017 / FullHD]

First, they had a nice breakfast to prepare delicious shit for the slave's dinner. Jessica was awake the whole night and only dreamed of meeting again with Mia's slave to beat him properly, letting off steam and shitting in his mouth. It's such a great pleasure for Jessica. Jessica told Mia how she would beat him, told about her secret desires, and Mia agreed with this, because both of these young girls loved when at their feet was stretched a slave with mouth full of "chocolate". Jessica came to visit Mia and her slave and was completely ready. She was in despair waiting after it. Jessica tied the poor guy and began to beat him, getting great pleasure. And then filled his mouth with shit, she also filled him with saliva, she wanted to humiliate the guy much more. She believes that the place for the guys is just at the feet of the girls.
LoveRachelle2 - 3 Fat Shit Loafs [2017 / FullHD]

Language: English
Pushing out 3 thick turd loafs just for you! They feel SO good coming out of me, nice and thick, and stretch my little hole SO wide as they crawl their way outta my butt. Knobbly, thick, hard, and juicy. And you're gonna take care of each of them, aren't you? I'll just poop where and however I please, and you'll be there to clean up after me Go make yourself useful, poop lover!
KV-GIRL - Shit and fucked in the ass [2017 / FullHD]

I waited extra until my husband comes home from work. I had to be very early in the morning but I stopped it until the evening so that I could get something out of it, but I thought it was not much, but it was very creamy. Put me pretty doggy so you see everything we do there horny my husband catches the Schoki and spreads everything on my butt fucks my ass and puts me the Schoki back in the butt that was a horny mess
Abgeschissen und in den Arsch gefickt
Ich habe extra gewartet bis mein Mann von der Arbeit kommt. Ich musste schon sehr früh morgens aber ich habe es bis Abends angehalten damit da auch ordentlich was raus kommt dachte ich aber viel war es leider nicht aber dafür war es sehr cremig. Lege mich schön doggy damit du auch alles siehst was wir da geiles machen mein Mann fängt die Schoki auf und verteilt alles auf meine Po fickt meine Arsch und steckt mir die Schoki wieder in den Po das war eine geile Schweinerei
Princess Mia - NEW Princess Grace. Scat Farting Ass Licking [2017 / FullHD]

Scat. Farting. Ass Licking Grace feeds the slave with her chocolate.
KV-GIRL - Fully lubricated with shit [2017 / FullHD]

I really need to shit my husband catches the shit and smeared everything on my ass and fucks my ass. My husband take the shit and smeared it on my body
Mit Scheisse vollgeschmiert
Ich muss ganz dringend scheissen mein Mannfängt die Scheisse auf und verschmiert mir alles auf mein Arsch und fickt mein Arsch. Mein Mann nimm die Scheisse und verschmiert sie mir auf meinen Körper
Princess Mia - NEW Mia Cat custom video for foxbox213 [2017 / FullHD]

Video for foxbox213 Scat.Mia sexy Cat
curvykitten92 - Caught watching scat porn ends in SHIT show [2017 / FullHD]

Well well well, you are up to your old filthy habits of watching women taken big nasty shits on camera.
I walk in to the bedroom to catch you wanking yourself off to dirty scat porn videos. I knew all about your bad habit, but you've been such a good boy for so long that I decide this is the time you get to watch a lady shit in real life.
I start by touching and teasing you and dress my soft lips around your cock whilst you relax and watch scat porn. Then, I offer you a special proposal; watch me take a huge shit right onto your cock. I'm desperate! Please, come join in and let me drop a huge log on you. I sit you under my potty chair and give you a front row seat as my arsehole opens up and unleashes a huge, thick, hot, stinky shit. WOW! That was such a relief. You also get to see my creamy pussy juice oozing out of my hairy hole. I hold my shit in front of your face for you to get a smell of my stinky butt and then start giving you the poop massage of your life. I slowly rub my thick shit all over your cock, thighs and stomach and work my way up to a very special, and very shitty handjob.
But, I'm not finished there, I think you really deserve to see how a little shitty slut like me likes to play. I smear shit all over my big butt and then shove a sexy glass dildo in my tight arsehole. Mmmmm, I bet you're glad I caught you wanking to nasty shit whores. I cum several times right in front of your face whilst you sit rubbing my shit on your cock. I think it's time that I milk those big balls of yours, so I rub more shit all over my titties whilst giving you a climatic handjob. WOW! Baby, you shot me 5 beautiful spurts of cum all over my shitty hands and tits.
I can't wait until next time. I'm going to save all my shit for you now that I know how much you like watching dirty girls.
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