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ModelNatalya94 - We’re shit in each other’s mouths and smearing shit over the body [2017 / FullHD]

Tags: mouth, Alice, Carolina, mouths, their, Caroline, other's, caress, naked, breast, tongues, Breasts, beautiful, panties, fondling, smeared, other, start, friends, Carolina's
ModelNatalya94 - We’re shit in each other’s mouths and smearing shit over the body [2017 / FullHD]

We decided to throw a dirty lesbian show where we shit each other's mouth , then give each other shit mouth and then smeared the shit in mouths, naked bodies each other , and of course fondling each other . We put our underwear and came into the room , we decided to strip and show you her beautiful naked body is Alice we took Caroline Alice bystander and began to simultaneously caress the breast of our friend , but that is not enough, we then remove the panties to Alice and caressed the ass and priscu Alice their tongues , Oh Yes she is beautiful her gorgeous big Breasts . After we brought my girlfriend , I turn your mouth and Alice fills my mouth with shit she just shits in it , my mouth is full of shit yeah it's cool , comes up to me Carolina and takes lips chat shit with my mouth , and together with Caroline smeared shit with their mouths on the naked body of Alice , the Alice all in the shit in her chest neck abdomen , now it is the turn of Caroline . Alice and I remove her bra with Carolina and caressed the breast Carolina , after a little fondling of the breast Carolina Carolina we take off panties and start to caress pussy and ass Carolina with their tongues . Caroline was excited, and Alice opened her mouth and Caroline had filled Alice's mouth with shit , mouth full shit was Alice , Alice sends a chat shit I Carolina your mouth while kissing and Alice and shit smeared on the naked body of Caroline . Well, finally it came my turn , I also want to get a portion of fondling from my friends , Caroline and Alice take off my bra and start to caress my Breasts nipples , Oh what a rush , after my friends realized that I am a little aroused from their foreplay , they take off my panties and start to caress my ass and pussy with their tongues that is really double the fun , Yes I love it , I want to shit and Carolina put your mouth and I fill her mouth Carolina shit Oh yeah I use my girlfriend as a toilet . I filled Carolina's mouth with shit and Carolina passes a piece of shit to Carolina's mouth , and my girlfriends smear shit over my naked body with their mouths . We are all in shit and we like such hot games , we love to shit each other's mouths , eat shit playing with shit . You like to watch when three beautiful girls use each other's mouths as a toilet , shit in there , fill each other's mouths with shit , lick each other's pussies and Asses , and caress their Breasts and end up smearing shit with their mouths .

Actress: ModelNatalya94
Name: We're shit in each other's mouths and smearing shit over the body
Year: 2017

Genre: Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing, Groups/Couples, Toilet Slavery
Time: 00:13:34

Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 1.29 GB

ModelNatalya94 - We’re shit in each other’s mouths and smearing shit over the body [2017 / FullHD]

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