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GoddessAmirha - Brown Noser [2017 / 4K UHD]

Tags: right, breaths, brown, sealing, close, every, lungs, little, completely, filthy, through, burning, crack, something, catching, after, until, hardly, longer, breathe
GoddessAmirha - Brown Noser [2017 / 4K UHD]

Following his last punishment I decided I wasn't done with him just yet.. Laying on the couch I straddled his face and shoved his nose right back up into my crack for round 2. You want to cum? Let's see if you can cum with your nose stuck in my ass. Every time you cum you're going to be reminded of how my ass smells. You're a slave to it. Your life's purpose is to serve my ass. I wanna hear you sniff with each stroke. Deep breaths! Mmm.. good boy. In between breaths and being smothered I pummeled his nose with loud and silent left over gas.. each time he's about to cum I fill his lungs full of fart and I can see him start to struggle and lose his erection. Hell have to learn to love it if he wants to ever cum again.. every time he gets close I lift up JUST ENOUGH and with his nose barely touching my asshole.. "PFFRRTTT" .. a hot nose burning puff tunnels through my panties & sweaty spandex right into his nose, amplifying the smell.. but after catching him sneaking breaths I made it even worse on him by taking them off.. completely sealing his nose against my ass!! Now they have NOWHERE to go except his lungs.. The game continues of tease and denial burning his nose every time he gets close until I feel something more come out and he can hardly breathe through his nose any longer.. I look back at him and his nose is completely brown!! I literally sharted up and all over his nose!! How fucking pathetic he looks now.. a true little brown noser! I didn't say stop stroking!! My ass slams right back down like nothing ever happened sealing his nose deep in my filthy crack. This is how you cum from now on Slave.. with your nose as my filthy little toilet.. The first clip shot in 4K AND Reformatted as 4K. For the hardcore fart fetishist only, sharts & filth visible.

Actress: GoddessAmirha
Name: Brown Noser
Year: 2017

Genre: Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing, Groups/Couples, Toilet Slavery, Farting
Time: 00:07:59

Quality: 4K UHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 1.13 GB

GoddessAmirha - Brown Noser [2017 / 4K UHD]

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