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Japanese girls - Yapoo's Market 26 [2017 / SD]

Tags: Toilet Slаvery, Piss, Scat, Vomit, Humiliаtion, Degradation, Japanese girls
Japanese girls - Yapoo's Market 26 [2017 / SD]

The film begins with an introduction and signing of the contract. But here the emphasis is not on the beatings and torture, but only for the most severe forms of slavery toilet. Brutal beauties take turns pissing into slave mouth, inserted into it to use a tampon that had just pulled out of yourself. The following part on a hard dressing bondage. Beautiful sadistic, not only to write, but also cocoa on the slave's face and into his mouth, forcing chew and swallow their waste. That got no mouth and turned on the floor of the slave is forced to pick up without using their hands and eat well. Dominoes really like to watch his torment - can be judged by how they are reluctant to leave, after being convinced that all their waste is eaten. The last part of the film - a real masterpiece of ingenious cruelty humiliation! Raba put in a huge aquarium, face up, in the aquarium done a hole right in front of the face. The severest Mistress turns to write in this hole, gradually filling the contents of the tank of his urine. Some of them can not resist, instead of writing, and even cocoa servile individuals, which causes noise, heated discussions, applause and full support of her friends, watching this action. After this kind of toilet went a few dozen women, the slave is already fully cover their urine, just floating in it - he has to lift his head up to greedily grab ue,, fvbneobhodimy life air and suffocate ..

Actress: Japanese girls
Name: Yapoo's Market 26
Year: 2017

Genre: Toilet Slаvery, Piss, Scat, Vomit, Humiliаtion, Degradation
Time: 02:00:09

Quality: SD
Format: AVI
Size: 1.41 GB

Japanese girls - Yapoo's Market 26 [2017 / SD]

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