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Mistress Gaia - Love me shit! [2017 / FullHD]

Mistress Gaia - Looser cock [2017 / FullHD]

Anna Coprofield - The Most Sweet Dessert For You [2017 / FullHD]

The most sweet dessert for You ?
I kept my shit inside 3 days to feed you my firm sweetnessI I could no longer keep the shit insideI stood in a pose of Doggie - style , my ass my ass was covered goosebumps because of pleasure.Then I have prepared for you the most delicious dessert in the world .
If you like my video please rate me? The most sweet dessert for You ?
I kept my shit inside 3 days to feed you my firm sweetnessI I could no longer keep the shit insideI stood in a pose of Doggie - style , my ass my ass was covered goosebumps because of pleasure.Then I have prepared for you the most delicious dessert in the world .
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Anna Coprofield - Anna’s Private Dinner Part 1 [2017 / FullHD]

The most sweet dessert for You ?I kept my shit inside 3 days to feed you my firm sweetnessI I could no longer keep the shit insideI stood in a pose of Doggie - style , my ass my ass was covered goosebumps because of pleasure.Then I have prepared for you the most delicious dessert in the world .
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Anna Coprofield - Anna’s Private Dinner Part 2 [2017 / FullHD]

"Chew and spit shit, urine mouthwash " "First there will be a covered table with plate fork, knife and spoon.
You'll enter the room, dressed up with a sexy outfit, for example a mini skirt and high-heels. Before you sit down on a chair at the table
you look in the camera and tell me, how hungry and horny you are for your creamy steamy shit,
Then you begin slowly to play with your beautiful breasts that you get out and lick your finger, continuing to showing and telling me, that you cannot wait to play and eat your delicious meal.
When you are finally ready to serve your meal, you will stand up, get your skirt up, showing your wonderfull ass and shit directly on your plate.
You will sit down and smell and moan at your delicious meal.
Before you begin to enjoy and eat your meal, you're going to stroke a finger in your shit and lick it. I wanna see, how much you enjoy it
and how horny you are to eat it up (".hmmm, i love the smell and taste of my shit.")
But dont forget a Glas for your champagne, Ana. You are going to serve yourself a drink, too!
Now you can begin with your dinner. You will start with a small piece of shit,you will take bigger pieces with the spoon or the fork, depending on the consistency, in your mouth. chewing it.
You will reposition your camera after serving to take close-ups during the meal, but you can decide which position is better.
You'll let some of your shit run out of your mouth and suck up again.
At the end you?ll clean the plate with your finger and lick them and lick the plate directly with your tongue"
Dirty Maryan - Making a Shit Sandwich For Your Lunch At Work [2017 / FullHD]

Hi honey! You have been eating my shit for a while now so I think it's time for a change. Up until now you are only eating my delicious caviar at home. But starting tomorrow, you are going to have a shitty lunch everyday at work! I'm going to show you how I prepare your lunch.

I squat over a plate and produce a good amount of shit. You can clearly see that there is some foods inside of the log. I show you my poop from a very close-angle.

In the next scene I prepare your shit sandwich. Are you ready to eat your meal with all your coworkers? What do you think they are going to say? What excuses are you going to come up with if they comment about the smell or if they ask what it is? One thing is sure, you will not starve after eating my shitty sandwich. There is a lot of hard smaller pieces, that will be your dessert! Pretend that these are brownie bites! You will also drink my piss all day at work. I don't want you to drink plain water anymore.

I'm so exited about this! I wish I could witness this. How do you think you are going to feel? Humiliated or exited? Don't forget to tell me all the details, I want to know how your collegues reacted and exactly what they said!
Dirty Maryan - Pooping And Masturbating With Glass Dildo And Vibrator [2017 / FullHD]

I'm ready to poop! I take off my thong and spread my ass cheeks. Wanna smell my farts? I empty my bladder and fart some more (4 farts in total, 2 loud ones). Finally the shit is coming out of my asshole and it feels so good! Does watching me poop get you horny? I show you my poop from a closer angle. Then I go back to my position on the floor.
I take a glass dildo and stick it in my butt. I also have a vibrator that I use on my clit. I want you to stroke while you watch me have fun with my body. I do some dirty talking while I use my toys. I put the vibrator in my pussy and cum! I want to cum again, so I continue using the vibrator on my clit. There is creamy pussy juice running down as I use the vibe. Don't you wanna lick my pussy and asshole clean right now? You did such a good job, I cum for a second time! I do a close-up of my creamy pussy with my shit next to it at the end of the clip.
Scat Goddes - Dirty Poopy Girl Tiger Panty [2017 / FullHD]

I have been waiting for a couple days to put back on my poop stained yellow cotton tiger panty that I go so dirty for you, Daddy. The last time I wore them, I left a little piece of shit in them, and hid them away so Mommy wouldn't find my messy panties. I put my tiger panty with the poop still inside on as soon as she left the house to go shopping. I put on my little jean shorts that I know you like seeing me wear, and went outside and picked up a few things you had asked me to. It really made me think of my Dirty Daddy more while my pussy and ass was getting all sweaty and dirty even more wearing my filthy tiger panty. I come inside and take my toy to the bathroom, so I can cum. I am so horny wearing my poop stained panties. I need Daddy to fuck his dirty poopy girl so bad!
Ella Gilbert - 1st Poop Lick [2017 / FullHD]

This is by far the most complex video I've shooted. Its all based on a role play where Im waiting for my playmate to come over but he cancels our date in the last minute by a simple text. That annoys me but I'm not mad, I choose to play with myself instead, recording it so he can see what he lost. I strip naked, finger my dirty asshole and when my finger gets nice and dirty I stick it in my mouth and give it a good lick (u can see the brown traces on my tongue). I got a plate ready and I shit on it and smelling it makes me wanna give it a nice long and sensual lick, its a bit bitter but I like Jagermeister so thats what I can compare the taste with haha
Ella Gilbert - Shit All Over My Bathroom Floor [2017 / FullHD]

I was so desperate to take a shit this morning. I ate so fuckin much yesterday and this vid prooves it!
I take a huuuuge shit in my white cotton panties wich makes me really horny so Im gonna ride ur cock on my toilet seat taking more and more shit out. Im gonna go on the floor also and ride ur cock on there as well. ure gonna fuck me in doggy and standing too! Ure gonna fuck me in every position messing my bathroom floor completly!!
Goddess Ryan - School Girl Ass To Pussy Scat Fucking Stuff [2017 / FullHD]

Goddess Is all dressed up in her New green schoolgirl outfit!
Top, skirt, White Knee highs, Bun,glasses & pen in hair & since school is in session thought it would be perfect!
I am gonna be a naughty student and fuck the shit out of my tight little asshole literally!
I begin to fuck my asshole with my 6 in curved cock, building my shit to come out!
I Shit HARD TURDS & Keep fucking my shit hole with the cock letting more out!
Show you the pile upclose with extreme DIRTY talk while taking my SHIT & SHOVING IT UP MY TIGHT CUNT!
Scat all the way up my tight hole with i take this curved cock hard! Fuck me & my shitty cunt hole
Very naughty talk!
I keep added hard ,hard turds to my cunt stuffing it and fucking more and more!
Close up of after math while pissing and pushing out scat as it is smeared all over my pussy, thighs and in my pussy!
Hot Scat Wife - Leather PANTS POOP PLAY DAY [2017 / FullHD]

I come home from a fun and wild encounter with a sexy hot man to have some fun with myself in my tight leather pants! They grab my ass so nicely and make me feel so hot. I fill them up with a warm load and smear and play! It feels so good to feel the shit sneak into every crevice of my body! I fuck my dirty ass with a bright red toy. It leaves me in a scat trance!
Josslyn Kane - Alice In PooLand [2017 / FullHD]

Alice is coming for the first time in PooLand, a friend of her spoke very nice about this place, so she is very curious! She is teached how to work her ass and how to make her ass dirty and shitty, omg she love it, PooLand is the best place ever! After she cums she wanna see what happen if she taste some poo and she is doing it! The all experience made her feel better and she learned a lot of things. Enjoy!
Josslyn Kane - Innocent School Girl [2017 / FullHD]

The innocent school girl comes home from school but she feel so horny, she start taking her clothes off, she piss on the floor and after that start fingering her asshole, mmm this feels so good, but her asshole is so dirty, now she have an ideea, she lets her poop to come out and its smearing it all over her feet, mmm her stinky feet, smells so good right now:D. The school girl takes a huge dildo and fuck her asshole hard and deep till she cum splashing her shit all over. This is so dirty but so good for her, now she can do her homeworks better:D
Josslyn Kane - Lots Of Dirty Blow Job In a Skype Show [2017 / FullHD]

Watch me playing dirty in a skype show, i shit, i ride, i fuck and i suck a lot a very dirty dildo. This is one of the dirtiest blowjobs ever, and the longest.You wanna see how all ur wishes comes true, just watch this video, i could not to record it, i couldn't let u to miss all the fun. In the end we are both gonna cum really hard. U can get to see me live on skype fulfiling ur fantasies also! Enjoy!
Josslyn Kane - Maid Pooping Her Panties [2017 / FullHD]

Maid have a lot of house work to do and she dosent have permission to take a break, she needs so bad to go to bathroom, she can't hold it anymore, so she shit in her panties, a big poo, mmm she feels so good right now, but she become horny too, she start fingering her asshole and smearing the shit all over her ass and pussy, mmm this is so hot, but she did a big mess and boss is back home! upsss
Josslyn Kane - Scat In The Morning [2017 / FullHD]

I start my day with a scat play, mm feeling my dirty asshole makes me feel so good, i start fuking my dirty shitty ass till i get the shit out and smear it all over my ass and my pussy, i take a bigger dildo and i fuck it hard and deep till i cum. Now is ur turn to cum, cum in my mouth bb, i wanna suck ur shitty cock and make u cum in my mouth, my shit taste so good, yummy! Enjoy!