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Nicole - Faceshitting 2 – 4K Ultra HD NewMFX scat [2017 / FullHD / NewMFX]

Isa is hanging out at home, she is listen music on Nicoly bed, she can't imagine that Nicoly is getting home early. Nicole is tired, stressed by a hard week and her house is dirty, messed and Lisa is on her bed. Nicoly decided to give a hard punishment for Lisa and she will do that with a hard facesitting. That is not enough so, Nicoly shits on Lisa's face and keep the facesitting fucking face, forcing to eat the karviar.
Lisa Black, Camila Santos - Scat Haloween – scat or treat [2017 / FullHD]

It`s Halloween here in NewMfx and the goddess Camila Santos prepared a hot dinner to her slave for tonight, with piss, vomit and scat.
Lisa Black, Camila Santos - Bad day at the officce [2017 / SD]

Camila santos is an important business girl and she loves to humiliate her employees. watch here what Camila loves to do with the girls that work in her office.
Diana, Demmi - Demmi’ Big white ass shitting [2017 / SD]

Here, the sensual Demmi using her hot white butt to punish her toilet slave. Diana was forced to clean Demmi's pussy after pissing and the asshole after shitting.
EllaGilbert - Workout gone dirty [2017 / FullHD]

Wearing a white pair of leggings, top and sneakers I'm ready for my morning workout. I start stretching and doing squats when I feel my stomach going crazy. I cant hold it and I shit my white leggings. That gets me hot so Im gonna fuck my shitty asshole with a white toy. After I cum I pull my leggings back up and continue the squats as u can hear all that shit making noises
LoveRachelle2 - Eating A LONG SHIT LOG With You! [2017 / 4K UHD]

Here you are, watching me as I tease you in my little black dress, caressing my tummy as I tell you how badly I need to poop :3 I think it's gonna be a big one! I haven't pooped in 2 days, which isn't common for me (usually it's every day) and I've eaten a LOOOT and really loaded up on fiber I list off all the foods I ate and my favorite beverages to drink, all the while pulling down my panties and hiking up this already too-short little dress. and do a desperate little dance. I really gotta poo!
.And boy, DO I EVER! I lay a BIG, *THICK* and SUPER *LONG* turd onto this plate-this turd is EASILY over a foot long and it is *gorgeous I feel so proud pushing this big brown beauty outta my booty!!
I waste no time in showing it off, smelling it with delight and teasing you, telling you how you're supposed to sniff, lick, and taste it.. and then, EAT it. Let's share it together! I'll take the first bite, babe.. and, oh my goodness, you're going to LOVE this poop-because it is DeLicIouS! You better eat it all too, or I'm gonna get upset Can't let this turd go to waste, babe! You're going to let each biteful melt on your tongue. before swallowing it, over, and over, and over again, until it's all gone! And you better pace yourself. you're not allowed to cum until it's all gone
Lolicoon - Close up shit and cut [2017 / FullHD]

I squad down over my toilet and pee and shit on a plate. My turd is first very hard and become more squashy. I go very close with my cam and cut it with a fork. After I wash it with my bare hand in the sink.
EllaGilbert - Dance, shit & cum [2017 / FullHD]

I dunno about u but I love Hollywood Undead so here's me dancing and stripping on their music 
After teasing u with a sensual dance I'm gonna take a shit and then continue dancing. I'm horny now so I'm gonna go on my knees and start fucking my asshole till more shit comes out and we both cum
As I'm a good girl, I will clean my toy with my tongue
JosslynKane - Pooping my white cotton panties [2017 / FullHD]

Watch me pooping another pair of panties, white cotton panties. i make a big poo and i stand and walking, modeling with my panties full of shit is really a nice sensation. Enjoy!
File name: Pooping-my-white-cotton-panties
Brown wife - Crazy games with shit 2 [2017 / FullHD]

This is the second part of the crazy games with shit. In this part, we also do very dirty things . but in a different way;) I was in a great mood, so at the beginning of the video there are a lot of funny moments))) Well then, a merry girl becomes a dirty whore . I take a big piece of shit in the mouth and start sucking cock! Shit and cock at the same time in my mouth. I try to suck as deeply as possible. It was very cool . all dirty whores should suck dicks just like that))
Brown wife - I eat shit in Japanese style [2017 / FullHD]

Do you think rolls are more delicious with ginger or with shit? I can say unequivocally, with shit they are delicious! Japanese cuisine is very good, but I know how to make it even better;) In this video, I in black big boots demonstrate my beautiful body and with pleasure I eat my amazing shit with rolls. Your dick will be harder than a stone . believe me))) Pleasant viewing of the boys;)
JosslynKane - Farting anal gape [2017 / FullHD]

Watch me doing real loud farts while doing hard anal. I gape my asshole and I show u inside it, mmm this is so good, this big toys fuck my dirty asshole so good and make it so nosy, so many farts, so loud. You can't miss this noise video! Enjoy!
Princess Mia - Exclusive Shit Princess Mia again came up with another torture for her slave [2017 / FullHD]

She hung the slave by the legs, riveted his hands, placed his head under the toilet seat. Mia strangles the slave with her ass, pisses and shitsin his mouth and face, sits down on his shabby face. P.S. We shot an excellent video, we do not copy the videos of other studios, we make things up with no help, we try to do something new and unusual, and not just the ass of the lady and the mouth of the slave, it's all old and not interesting for us! Also, the fans of our studio write us the script, and we are very grateful to them! The video was shot with 4 cameras, itturned out to be long, but cool. We selected the best shots from different cameras, I think the result turned out great! A little later we will make the full version, and two videos separately from each camera. You will like our new video, enjoy it! Write us.
LoveRachelle2 - 4 Turds For Hungry Slave [2017 / 4K UHD]

Watching me pinching off all these loads must make you hungry, slave! I take my time pushing out each one of your stinky meals, groaning with enjoyment as I describe the pleasurable sensation of my turds stretching out my tight, aching little butthole You better have a big appetite slave, cuz your Mistress has a booty that can really PRODUCE!
JosslynKane - Farting in your face! [2017 / FullHD]

Come and smell my dirty farts, come closer and put ur nose in my asshole, mmm i farts so much, just for you, smell them, taste them, this is so smelly and so noisy, exactly like you want! Enjoy!
JosslynKane - Farting anal gape [2017 / FullHD]

Watch me doing real loud farts while doing hard anal. I gape my asshole and I show u inside it, mmm this is so good, this big toys fuck my dirty asshole so good and make it so nosy, so many farts, so loud. You can't miss this noise video! Enjoy!
Svetlana - To shit and piss through a gynecologic speculum [2017 / FullHD]

Today I took laxatives , I started cleaning the body . I took a gynecologic speculum and began to fondle her crotch . Inserting it about between the legs I started to masturbate about how nice it is , Yes, buzz , but my bladder was full of urine and I'm not pulling a gynecologic speculum from my pussy began to piss a large stream of urine hit me , and then I inserted a gynecologic speculum into the anus and then out my butt hit a big jet of liquid diarrhea . The smell of shit filled my room Oh yeah Oh buzz , I thought the fucking shit , and the planes continued to come out of me .