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Japanese girls - Yapoo's Market - 11 [2017 / SD]

Fragile Asian physique made a fatal mistake of his life - was attacked by the beautiful Naomi Asano, apparently for the purpose of robbery. Naturally, he did not expect, what power is hidden behind its divine appearance ... As a result, it is bound in the trunk of the car, which brings him to a private house. And from that moment he is at the mercy of Naomi and her cruel girlfriends. First, they break him morally, kicked, humiliated, oskorpi ... by writing in a bowl, causing the power to drink the divine nectar. All that was spilled on the floor against the resistance must necessarily be drunk. Then he caught while attempting to escape, and are punished for it. Then the ladies decided to practice martial arts - they beat a depleted torments slave, mocking him as they can wring. At the end of each bout in gratitude he is obliged to kiss the feet first, and then the genitals winning beast, bringing her to orgasm. Once resistance is completely broken, his tie and put his head in a plastic bag attached to the chair with a hole in the seat. Of course you have guessed why ... Yes, that's right, to use as a toilet.
Japanese girls - Yapoo's Market - 55 [2017 / SD]

The film consists of four stories. The first begins in that Naomi Asano, dressed in a silk kimono, elaborate stuffed into the anus associated slave flowers - a kind of flower arrangement - and then, a sharp blow whips knocks them out of this unusual "vase" causes of accidents terrible pain. Naturally, she is excited by the offense and makes a slave to satisfy her orally. Then, it comes to mind is a fun idea - to pour hot wax face a slave, but he will also be screaming in pain ... And then she finds a solution - a thin thread sews a slave's mouth, not allowing him to open it. Severe sight !!! In the second film epizdoe Naomi, dressed in a skirt and kotrotkuyu standing at stud, he leads a slave to the room where it almost forcibly shaved bald. Judging by his resistance, the decision was clearly a surprise for him. Shaved poor she leads him into a small hall with a stage, which sit along the perimeter of a few dozens of young, beautiful women. They are clearly inspired by the appearance of a slave. Naomi makes him crawl around the perimeter of each of the past Domin, doing what they wish - some ordered to kiss the shoes, some hit in the face, while others simply are oskorpi ... and so on. Then Ms Asano brings it to the stage several times and revealing severely and brutally beats him with a whip. He screams and writhes, but it is useless. He was then knocked to the ground and begin together kicking, kicking and trampling a lively cheers and vykrivaniya. And why so much violence in the beautiful lady? After a while, the beautiful calm down, and sit in places, and the servant is lying beaten in the middle of the hall, out of his nose streaming blood ... Then it was set up on the stage and sadistic alternately come out and strongly beat him with whips. The blows really hard on women's faces reflected the genuine rage and pleasure from the torture. After several hundreds of the most severe blows slave loses consciousness ... At the end of the slave film firmly fixed on the stage, preventing and move a centimeter. Glow with the help of a gas burner of special metal tool to a very high temperature and give him a real mark on the buttocks ... Once again I repeat, it is really tough! If not for the world-wide fame Yapu studio, one would think that this film is removed forcibly, for few people voluntarily agree to act as a slave in a film with such a terrible torment. If you like cruelty - strongly recommend!
Japanese girls - Yapoo's Market - 67 [2017 / SD]

The main theme of Femdom. Women's domination. Beating, humiliation, golden rain, scat ... certainly not the most outstanding film in the series Yapoo, but nevertheless ...
Japanese girls - Yapoo's Market - 68 [2017 / SD]

The main theme of Femdom. Women's domination. Beating, humiliation, golden rain, scat ...
Japanese girls - Yapoo's Market - 69 [2017 / SD]

Japanese girls - Yapoo's Market - Pure Gold 05 [2017 / SD]

Japanese girls - Yapoo's Market 26 [2017 / SD]

The film begins with an introduction and signing of the contract. But here the emphasis is not on the beatings and torture, but only for the most severe forms of slavery toilet. Brutal beauties take turns pissing into slave mouth, inserted into it to use a tampon that had just pulled out of yourself. The following part on a hard dressing bondage. Beautiful sadistic, not only to write, but also cocoa on the slave's face and into his mouth, forcing chew and swallow their waste. That got no mouth and turned on the floor of the slave is forced to pick up without using their hands and eat well. Dominoes really like to watch his torment - can be judged by how they are reluctant to leave, after being convinced that all their waste is eaten. The last part of the film - a real masterpiece of ingenious cruelty humiliation! Raba put in a huge aquarium, face up, in the aquarium done a hole right in front of the face. The severest Mistress turns to write in this hole, gradually filling the contents of the tank of his urine. Some of them can not resist, instead of writing, and even cocoa servile individuals, which causes noise, heated discussions, applause and full support of her friends, watching this action. After this kind of toilet went a few dozen women, the slave is already fully cover their urine, just floating in it - he has to lift his head up to greedily grab ue,, fvbneobhodimy life air and suffocate ..
Japanese girls - Yapoo's Market 41 [2017 / SD]

The film takes place in four places, where the beautiful and incredibly cruel woman mock a man. In the office, they kick their feet bound, beaten, oskorpi ... are, humiliate, and use the means at hand, for example, take 2 stapler and pierce the body of the poor man by sharp staples, making it scream and beg for mercy. In the attic for a long time servant kicked, hit in the face, he stewed about gobies, and then tied and beaten severely heavy, hard whip in turn. At the hospital, 2 sexy nurse handing associated set of slaps, punches and kicks, trampling him, humiliated, and finally extinguish cigarette butts on his face and puts them in his mouth and nose. On the street a wonderful Lady rides a half-naked slave as a pony. After considerable, he can not stand the distance traveled and collapses, causing severe Ms. becomes enraged and begins to beat the careless servant rigid stack. He writhes in pain, trying in vain to get up, but the harsh Domina stops only when the entire vent anger ... She then leads him to the cave where ruthlessly extinguish cigarette butts on his body, forcing a slave to scream in pain. Special attention should mount a leash, which she leads saba - on the one hand it is attached to the nose piercing in the slave, on the other - to the boot with the power sadist. Extinguish a few calves, she accepted a heavy whip to beat him, enjoying a strangled cry poor guy. At the end of bullying it falls on the dirty ground, and she was trampled in the mud, causing the slave to clean black leather boots language of dirt. There is no toilet slavery, but Femdom at the highest level! Describe useless - it must be seen
Japanese girls - Yapoo's Market - 16 [2017 / SD]

The film is completely dedicated to the dressing slavery in the broadest sense. Bound man plays the role of not only the toilet, taking a urine and feces sadistok young, but the garbage barrel, in which ruthless Domina throw your used tampons. They also like to chew food, in turn, spit it into a bowl, and then force him to have formed extremely appetizing mass. These ladies love to show off in front of each other sisters live in humiliation toilet - they are specifically in the sight of the crowd girlfriends piss and scat in the package, which is the slave's head and spit, blow their noses, and even tear. A bag filled postoepenno stronger and stronger, leaving fewer opportunities servant to breathe ... All this action they violently comment, laugh, giggle and filmed to keep the memory of those beautiful moments of absolute power.
Japanese girls - Yapoo's Market pure gold 07 [2017 / SD]

Japanese girls - Yapoo Market 59 [2017 / SD]

Japanese girls - Yapoo's Market - 32 [2017 / SD]