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SharaChocolat - 2 Lochness Monster Poos [2017 / FullHD]

Never before have I produced a poo that reminded me of the Lochness monster. In this video I have two Lochness monster poos although the first one is more realistic. They are both half in and half out of the water. The first one is built up taller (out of the water) and before you ask, no I didn’t sculpt my poo with my hands just so I could make up a story about it. I really produced these straight out of my asshole! On both days I squat on the toilet facing the wall with my ass on view from the side. I get a shock when I stand up after the first one “Oh my god”. I show you detailed close-ups from various angles so you can see just how tall the highest point is. Then I flush the first load away. No flush of the second load and I spend a bit less time showing close-ups as it wasn’t as tall as the first.
evamarie88 - Messy Shit Smear On The Leather Couch [2017 / FullHD]

Watch me in a Catsuit with cut out front and back and latex boots first finger my arse then push out a big thick shit I show you it and then smear it all over my catsuit and then bend over and smear it all over my arse…
Then I get more of my warm shit and smear it some more and on my face then rub my swollen clit for you..
I get my leather sofa covered in my shit as I lay down and wiggle all over it while getting myself off..
I love being a dirty girl
SharaChocolat - 3 Period Poos Wearing Knee High Boots [2017 / FullHD]

I wake up with my legs, pussy and pyjama bottoms stained red, my period is here! On the first day I got the urge to poo while in the kitchen but I didn’t have time to open the door so I squat and poo right next to it. On the second day I manage to get outside just in time. I squat to poo on the front door step, such the exhibitionist that I am. I wipe and show once. On the third day I’m in the garden squatting on a little bench to poo. This is my biggest load and in a shape that is very pleasing to the eye. My poo on all three days has a softer consistency so it seems to be back to normal. I show you close-ups of each load.
SharaChocolat - Filling Your Order 26th February [2017 / FullHD]

Today I fill an order consisting of one load of SharaChocolat and one pair of freshly stained panties. I squat to poo facing you and then after I’m finished I have a little wipe with a pair of white cotton panties. I vacuum seal two containers containing one big creamy load and then vacuum seal the panties.
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