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Cassidy - Hardcore [2016 / HD / Brutal-facesitting]

Cassidy - Hardcore [2015 / HD / Russian-mistress]

Angie Moon - Femdom [2016 / HD / Russian-mistress]

Violet Storm, Debbie, Amy - Sweet and Salty [2008 / SD / Hightide-Video]

Cassidy - Hardcore [2016 / HD / Brutal-facesitting]

Betty, Victoria, Penelope, 3 males - Betty's choice [2015 / HD]

A message from Betty: "Hello World, I'm so glad you liked my first ever movie! You made me happy and proud...and to be honest, I didn't expect it! I mean it was just me and a couple of friends having fun, nothing special... except for the camera, but the Hightide gang made me feel so comfortable that I instantly forgot about that. I have found my place, and I've been back many times - to have fun, make plans and shoot more scenes based on my own choice of ideas and phantasies (be aware - I have lots more... Enough said....relax and enjoy Betty's Choice! Love, Betty
Betty, Victoria, 4 males - Breaking In Betty [2014 / HD]

When young and innocent looking newcomer Betty applied for a shoot, she claimed to be ready for anything dirty. Despite our doubts, she insisted on facing the challenge - even when we proposed to team her up with top scat performer Victoria and a gang of raunchy guys for an unrestrained feast of filth. Never were we so happy to be proven wrong - enjoy Betty jumping in at the deep end!
Susan, Marc - Extreme Private Tapes Vol. 2 [2017 / SD]

The is the second release of Susan and Marc's private amateur material, documenting their extreme liking for bizarre shit, piss and vomit games.
Genuine, raw amateur games from one of the most perverted couples
on the planet.
Gina, Nadia,1 Male - Gina's private games [2017 / HD]

Filth-loving Gina sent us more footage of her private encounters with slutty Nadia and a lucky guy where lesbian sex, foot fetish, watersports and filthy scat games play a major part. Please note that this is amateur footage. While image quality, sound etc. may not be perfect, the action is raw, extreme scatsex at its best.
Penelope, Marlen, 2 males - Heavy Eaters [2015 / HD]

After hitting off well on the set of Scat Squad, chubby debutant Penelope and seasoned Hightide office slut Marlen agreed to meet again for an evening of finger food and filthy fun. An amazing binge eating session between girls still wasn't enough though, so they invited two guys to satisfy Penelope's insatiable
Veronica Moser, Mia, Marlen - Vm26 - ladies night [2015 / SD]

Veronica says: "Mia and Marlen finally visited me for an exciting all-girl scat feast that we had planned for a long time. The three of us had so much fun eating pussy and shit that we decided to publish the scene almost unedited, including the girly giggles and laughter. Guys, enjoy our scat loving Ladies Night!" Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
Jacky, 4 males - Berlin scat gangbang [2013 / HD]

Jacky is an amateur slut with a strong urge to expose her kinky inner self to the public. She invited us to one of her dirty gangbangs with four guys, who provided her with anything she needs: pussy and anal fisting, pissing, gagging and lots of shit...
Mia, Betty, Kira - Lunch Break [2017 / HD]

Halfway through a long day of hard play our lovely kinksters Mia, Betty and Hightide debutant Kira left the set for a well-deserved break. As experienced performers they're well aware that fucking makes hungry, that output needs input first and that it's hard to relax amongst a bunch of horny guys - and they also know the perfect solution to recharge their batteries and refill three empty stomachs: simply leave out the guys, lock the door and enjoy an all-girl lunch break!
Taranee, Penny Devil - Teacher's wet pet [2017 / HD]

Taranee returned from porn retirement - now with a new lesbian subbie making her Hightide debut. The plan was to introduce Penny Devil to mild pee games and hopefully interest her in a return for some heavier action. The plan was thwarted by Penny though, who went all the way on her first day in a no-holds-barred lezdom, fisting and piss swallowing session. In the end, we literally had to pull Penny off the set because she didn't want to stop. Great teacher, great pet, all wet!
Victoria, Mia, 2 males - Toilet Mouth For Hire [2017 / HD]

Hightide debutant Victoria jumped in at the deep end: first porn shoot, first bisexual experience, first group scene and first time scat with strangers. She stunned us all by offering her toilet mouth to Mia and two guys with great enthusiasm and devotion, and at the end of a no-limits shit, piss and vomit swallowing session she even asked one of the guys for an extra round!
Veronica Moser,1 male - Vm22 - full slut treatment [2017 / SD]

Veronica says: "An extra long and super filthy update for the summer! I met with a friend who knows exactly what I need: hard fucking in all my holes and lots
of piss, shit and cum to play with. Just give me the Full Slut Treatment and
I will swallow it all!"Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
4 Scat Girls - 4 Girls for 1 Human Toilet [2017 / FullHD]

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